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Who runs the world? Well...

Who runs the world?

Well, let’s be fair, it’s probably a hideous, sprawling conglomerate of faceless billionaires who orchestrate the banks, governments and media….BUT, in the interests of this blog, and according to the one and only self-empowerment Queen, and for once, I’m not talking about Eric from Sex Education. Though I could happily talk about him all the live long day day. Eric is LIFE....anyway, back to Beyonce...!

I T’S G I R L S.

Now. To the man at the back who’s about to shout ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN’, there’s an articulate blog I would like to direct you to HERE , some terrifying statistics HERE and, if that’s STILL not enough, have a look at THIS . That’s dated the 5th of March THIS YEAR. Yup. Brings to the surface the same sort of feeling as knowing that the president of the United States has openly said all of THIS about women. Grim, my friends, grim.

The dialogue about gender rights and equality desperately needs to remain open. And we still need and must have groups and organisations who operate to promote and facilitate this.

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day, a day that specifically celebrates the many varied and astounding achievements of women, while doing all it can to call to action the steps to be taken towards achieving gender equality. Gender parity is apparently still 166 years away. We’ve got quite a way to go.

That being said, we have come a long way already. Despite Beyonce’s assertations, women aren’t running the world just yet, but we’re sure as heck running businesses, infrastructure, groups, organisations, marches, movements and more. And world dominance, though a charming idea, isn’t what women want. It’s equality; plain and simple.

Our industry (bar, restaurant and hotel) is very male dominated. We are a happy anomaly. The active business owner and license holder, and general manager are both women, with me heading up marketing & events. The three main decision makers in our little corner of the business world, are women.

Graphic by London artist, Kate Prior

With irritating frequency, when a cold caller dares to darken our telephone screen to be told that ‘the business owner’ isn’t available, 99.9% of the time, the response is ‘do you know when he will be available’? Equally irritating is when taking calls for Sam, the general manager, and 99.9% of the time if the caller knows Sam’s name but hasn’t spoken to her, they ask when ‘he is in’ or can they call ‘him’ back later. The assumption that women aren’t in decision making positions is still prevalent and something that we deal with on a near daily basis.

We’re fortunate to be in a FANTASTIC community that supports women in businesses (for example the soon to be expanding Charlie Friday's coffee shop, new eco shop and hub Ginger Nut, The Queens pub in Lynton, Exmoor Flowers...I could go on).

So, what else can we do? Encourage more. Support fellow business women, and men. Talk more about the challenges businesses face, in general and as women running them. Exchange experiences. Challenge assumptions. Write witty and factually accurate blogs about how we’re facing a 166 year wait until gender parity. And above all, celebrate the achievements of others and cheer each other along. We’re only here for a heartbeat – make it count and be part of the group carving out a positive space for the future women in business; there’s going to be many more of us.

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