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Goodbye, single use plastics. So long, and 'thanks' said all the fish, now that we've said no to harmful, unnecessary chemicals. The Ancient Mariner, and our hotel The Bath Hotel, are committed to reducing our impact on the environment as much as we can, to support our local ecology, and further afield. Here's a little information on what we're doing, and why...

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Mother Nature's Arsenal

We've all got to do it - some love it, for some it's an obsession and for some it's a necessary evil. Cleaning. Obviously, our bar and restaurant need to be squeaky clean, but given our proximity to the sea, we were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with pouring used chemicals down the drain. So here is what we've done:

Using ecological detergent
Use eco friendly products, where possible.

Given the current climate, we do need to use some harsh chemicals, but will ONLY do this when there isn't a natural alternative.

No More Single Use

Single use plastics are something that we've been battling with for a number of years and 2020 will hopefully see us eradicate them entirely from the bar, restaurant and our hotel rooms at The Bath Hotel. In the bar, we already:

Only stock paper straws
Bulk buy our bar snacks* and serve in glass/ceramic
Don't use disposable coffee cups
Use recyclable condiment containers
*with the exception of our crisps, Burts. However, we've made sure that we're stocking a Red Tractor Assured, locally sourced product with a production line in Plymouth to keep our food miles down, until crisp packaging undergoes an overhaul!
Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

We're going to carry on with our efforts to reduce single use plastics, unnecessary waste and make sure that we recycle everything that we can. See below for what's next for us!

Toilet paper post.PNG
Who Gives A Crap?

Well, we do. And so does Who Gives A Crap - our super duper toilet roll supplier. 

Now, we KNOW that that doesn't sound like such a big deal, but what they're doing is amazing, and given that across The Ancient Mariner and The Bath Hotel we have nearly 30 toilets (!) it certainly makes a difference. Aside from having some cracking marketing, they:

Donate 50% of profits to charity
Are B Corp certified, which means they operate to the highest standards of social and environmental impact 
Provide super soft 100% recycled paper toilet roll

So what else are we doing...? Well....

  • We're looking into composting our food waste. This is no straight forward matter for a restaurant business! There are lots of factors to consider, but we're looking into them with a waste services provider.

  • We're looking into trialling an eco-friendly line cleaner - we have to use line cleaner to ensure that our lager, cider and ale are as delicious as they possibly can be, and that the pipes are squeaky clean. But, line cleaner is pretty aggressive stuff. So, one of our suppliers has sourced a fantastic eco-friendly product that we're going to trial with them, to make sure it delivers the right level of squeaky-clean-ness, without the same harsh chemicals