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Covid-19 Safe Working Practices, our House Rules, links to menus and socials!

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Crowd with Masks


Oh, hi there! Welcome! Hopefully you'll soon be sipping on a beverage, perusing the menu and admiring our  ENORMOUS OCTOPUS

(and no, that's not a euphemism).

*If you've come to this page direct from the website, also, hello! This is the summary section for all of our Covid-19 procedures, to keep our customers, our community and our staff safe during this period, while doing our utmost to provide a safe and comfortable space.


So what's new?

Please click on the button below to have a look at our 'HOUSE RULES' - this is basically what we have had to do as a bar and restaurant, in line with the government guidance. This explains what we're doing to keep you all safe, and what we are kindly requesting from you, too. 

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Can I see a menu?

Sure thing! Links to all of our menus are found HERE, in main search bar of the website (above), or by clicking the button below. We fully cater for vegan, gluten free, carnivores, omnivores, mini-mariners (kids) and serve gorgeous locally sourced produce. Please make your server aware if you're ordering a dish that needs to be gluten free (they're marked on the menu as a gluten free option).

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Now what?

While you wait, why not check out our instagram profile (and give us a cheeky follow for japes and snaps), or have a peep at our Facebook profile (and give us a follow for updates, offers, pics and more)

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