We're anything but ordinary.

You'll find no 'Live, Love, Laugh' quotes in here, or mass produced....well, anything! The vast majority of our fixtures and fittings are recycled, reclaimed and re-loved. Outside the bar, you may have spotted the ship wreck and the torpedo (and no, we haven't got a complex, thank you very much! #ourtorpedoisbiggerthanyours)

From our bespoke Octopus sculpture, making a break for it out of the window, to the diver's helmet pub sign, from our bespoke door handles, to the silver darlings guiding you into the bar, there are countless art installations and curios to occupy your eyes and conversation while you're on each image to open it fully and read the descriptions.

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Proudly created by The Ancient Mariner, Lynmouth.

The Bathythermograph

Yes. Yes it is a word. Promise. And yes, it does look like an old fashioned microphone! These were used to measure temperature against depth and were designed to be lowered from a winch on a helicopter, being first held at the surface of the sea, before being 'let go' on a winch to the full extent of the wire. Want to know how cold Captain Nemo got? This is the tool for you. Fetch the helicopter at once!